Davidstow Airfield, Cornwall

This website is a personal website based on my experiences of cycling from Land's End to John o'Groats in June/July 2016. I had a great time doing it and thought I'd put a site together to help out anyone else who's thinking of doing it - there's a lot I learnt on the trip!

At Land's End

Me at the official start in Land's End!

My ride was solo and unsupported, covering 1,060 miles and taking 5 weeks in total; 2 days travelling (ie 1 either end), 29 days of cycling, and 4 rest days (only 1 of which was planned!). Most people achieve the ride quicker than this, however many of the same principles apply regardless of how quickly you're trying to do it in.

I also wanted to put this site together to show that you don't need to be either superfit or a regular cyclist in order to complete the challenge - most literature on the LEJOG challenge seems to be by people who manage to cycle it in just a few days.

The site is totally independent but I try to cover the costs of hosting the site with both advertising and affiliate links for some of the equipment. These links don't add anything to the price, but simply mean the retailer will pay me a tiny percent referral fee from their profits. I've tried to find the cheapest prices (at the time of putting the site together) rather than the biggest referral fees too - everyone will shop around so there's no point doing otherwise!

I have also recently added a Souvenirs section following many requests over the years, where you can buy t-shirts and other memorabilia to celebrate and remind you of your achievement in cycling the length of the UK. The shop for these are hosted by Etsy, with all products printed-on-demand and shipped by Printful. The designs are all mine.

I hope you find the site useful. If you have any questions or comments on the site, or any suggestions for anything extra to cover, then please get in touch at andy@cyclelejog.com.

At Land's End

Passing Cocklawburn Breach (Northumberland) in 2016 on my LEJoG trip, and again in 2022 on my Round-The-UK-Coast trip.