Wheat field in Devon

Complete LEJOG route map


Creating a LEJOG cycle route (or JOGLE) can take an incredible amount of time - it's very easy to underestimate just how long it takes! Give yourself a massive head start and save countless hours with this route that's already been proven.

The Land's End to John o'Groats cycle route that's available here - all 1,020 miles of it - is based on the one that I cycled in July 2016. It was designed to follow quiet roads and traffic-free cycle paths as much as is possible (note it's not possible to avoid main roads entirely, but they can certainly be minimised and with the worst ones totally avoided), as well as to keep the amount of climbing needed as low as can be. In 2024 I carried out a thorough review of the entire route to bring it right up to date, including taking advantage of any recently-built new roads & cycle paths, as well as to incorporate feedback from other cyclists and my own experinces of having cycled some of the roads again too.

By downloading these files you know you're getting a route that works, that is safe & avoids some of the most dangerous roads such as the A30 in Cornwall, and which is scenic too!

If you're cycling John o'Groats to Land's End this download will also work as a JOGLE cycle route - just simply reverse it!

What's Included

This entire LEJOG route map is downloadable as a zip file, containing 29 individual GPX route files (plus the 3 optional alternatives for Scotland). They're ready to use straight away on many GPS devices, including Garmins (see here for a guide to easily importing them), Wahoos, and Hammerhead Karoos.

In addition you'll get a 30-page PDF book with full details of how to use the files and edit them, as well as route notes and highlights of interesting places to see and visit along the way. For example, discover where you can see -

  • Iconic sights and photo opportunities
  • Castles and other historic buildings
  • Dolphins playing close to shore
  • Museums
  • Ancient battlefields
  • The world's shortest street (really!)
  • Crazy sculptures
  • Where to go cider or whisky tasting
  • Shakespeare's birthplace
  • And even where to spot Banksy artwork!

LEJOG Cycle Route

I live in Leeds and took my route east of the Pennines so that I could call in at home at the halfway point. Going east adds surprisingly few extra miles compared to staying west of the Pennines, and in my opinion is well worth it for the opportunity to cycle along the stunning Northumberland coast.

Even if you would prefer to stay west of the Pennines though, then well over half of this whole route is still valid - including from Land's End all the way to Bristol & Gloucester (about 265 miles), and from Edinburgh up to John o'Groats (again about 285 miles).

The route covers 1,020 miles and is split into 29 sections.

  • Through Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset....
LEJOG Route map for Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset
  • Section 1: Land's End to Hayle (18.7 miles)
  • Section 2: Hayle to Perranporth (21.6 miles)
  • Section 3: Perranporth to Bodmin (26.9 miles)
  • Section 4: Bodmin to Launceston (31.3 miles)
  • Section 5: Launceston to Okehampton (19.3 miles)
  • Section 6: Okehampton to Tiverton (34.5 miles)
  • Section 7: Tiverton to Bridgwater (37.5 miles)
  • Section 8: Bridgwater to Bristol (39.5 miles)
  • Section 9: Bristol to Cheltenham (45.5 miles)
  • ...to Leeds via Nottingham...
LEJOG Route map for Cheltenham to Leeds
  • Section 10: Cheltenham to Brandon (near Rugby) (56.1 miles)
  • Section 11: Brandon to Long Eaton (Nottingham) (45.9 miles)
  • Section 12: Long Eaton to Bawtry (52.2 miles)
  • Section 13: Bawtry to Leeds (52.9 miles)
  • ...through Northumberland & up to Edinburgh...
LEJOG Route map for Leeds to Edinburgh
  • Section 14: Leeds to Thirsk (42.1 miles)
  • Section 15: Thirsk to Sedgefield (38.9 miles)
  • Section 16: Sedgefield to Guide Post (43.8 miles)
  • Section 17: Guide Post to Belford (44.5 miles)
  • Section 18: Belford to Eyemouth (30.4 miles)
  • Section 19: Eyemouth to Haddington (32.6 miles)
  • Section 20: Haddington to South Queensferry, via Edinburgh (27.8 miles)
  • ..and on to John o'Groats!
LEJOG Route map for Edinburgh to John o'Groats
  • Section 21: South Queensferry to Perth (32.5 miles)
  • Section 22: Perth to Pitlochry (29.5 miles)
  • Section 23: Pitlochry to Newtonmore (42.3 miles)
  • Section 24: Newtonmore to Carrbridge (21.2 miles)
  • Section 25: Carrbridge to Inverness (26.7 miles)
  • Section 26: Inverness to Tain (37.3 miles)
  • Section 27: Tain to Helmsdale (36.5 miles)
  • Section 28: Helmsdale to Lybster (22.5 miles)
  • Section 29: Lybster to John o'Groats (30.0 miles)

Alternative Scotland route...

If you'd prefer to completely avoid the A9 north of Inverness (which has gotten busier in recent years due to the popularity of the North Coast 500, although is still perfectly safe to cycle) then you can cycle through the centre of northern Scotland up to the north coast. These additional route map files follow an extremely popular route for LEJOG'ers; it's over 50 miles longer (and overall hillier) but quieter than following the east coast of Scotland and is extremely scenic too.

These route files also take you via Dunnett Head, the most northerly point on the British mainland, however it's easy to avoid this (and save 9 miles) if you'd rather go direct to John o'Groats.

LEJOG Route map for Inverness to John o'Groats
  • Alt. section 26: Inverness to Bonar Bridge (41.9 miles)
  • Alt. section 27: Bonar Bridge to Bettyhill (55.6 miles)
  • Alt. section 28: Bettyhill to John o'Groats, via dunnett Head (57.6 miles)

How to download this LEJOG route

The GPX route files - including the accompanying PDF book - are available to download for just £4.79 which helps fund the hosting of this website. If you've found the content on this website useful (all of which is free apart from these files!) then I'd really appreciate your suppport. Thankyou 😉

These route files represent well in excess of 80 hours of work over the years (let alone the rest of the website) - save having to do all of this yourself for the cost of a single beer. It's also much cheaper than buying a LEJoG book!

On clicking the link above you'll be redirected to a page hosted by Payhip.com. After successful payment (it's handled by Stripe so it's all secure) you'll be redirected to a page where the files will be available for download. You should also receive a download link by email too (this will be from contact@payhip.com).

To reassure you about the security of your payment, my day job is as a cyber security consultant & I also wrote the website BeCyberSafe.com to help people to stay safe online, including when shopping online.

If you have any difficulty or any questions at all please contact me at andy@cyclelejog.com.

Using the files

The files will come through as a single file in the “zip” format. To access the route files (and the PDF book) within this you'll need to first unzip them. If you're not familiar with doing this (don't worry, it's easy) then these weblinks might help:

Whilst the route files are ready to use on many GPS devices straight away (once unzipped anyway), you will almost certainly still want to tweak them slightly for your own needs, for example to take the route via your overnight stops, or to combine them into longer days. To do this you can upload them to online tools such as komoot.com (£30 one-off fee for worldwide map access). And if you just want to view them they can be easily imported into Google Maps too - see our guide here for doing this.

The accompanying PDF file also includes details of how to edit these files, as well as links to where I've already uploaded the routes to Google Maps.

If you come across a website that only accepts 'track' .gpx files then the website www.alltrails.com can quickly and easily convert the files for you. That website will also help in the rare case that your GPS needs the files in a different route format such as KML too.